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Keep The Vibes Alive

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine" - Hippocrates

Here at Good Vibes Juice Co., we are all about bringing the healthiest, highest quality products to our community.  Why?  Because we want to see our friends, loved ones, and neighbors feel their best.  It has been proven that eating a plant-based diet can prevent disease, rid the body of cancerous cells, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, result in healthy skin, improve eyesight, and in some cases, aid in weight loss.  That's just it - we are bringing feel-good food (er...juice) to the central west coast of Florida.  We source all of our produce from USDA organic farms, completely GMO-free.  Because at the end of the day, we get out what we put in.

Why Juice?

Juicing is a way to get the most concentrated supply of nutrients and enzymes that fruits and vegetables have to offer.  Each of our juices contain nothing but plant-based ingredients, and those ingredients are listed right on the front of the bottle.  By using our cold pressed method, we are able to bottle vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes of the original plants we juice.  So, if you find you don't have the time (or the taste buds) to eat your daily fruits and vegetables, or you want a juice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an afternoon snack, try one of our concoctions... we have something for everyone!

Cold Pressed Method

Enzymes in fruits and vegetables are most active at or around 37°C (98.6° F), or body temperature.  When temperatures begin to increase, the enzymes are denatured.  Most juicers we keep in our homes or in made-to-order juice bars use a centrifugal blade that heats the produce to well over 37°C, thus oxidizing the juice and breaking down vital nutrients and enzymes.  By using a cold press juicer that grinds and presses the produce slowly and with very little heat, we keep the highest amount of raw enzymes active for your body. 

You may have heard of, or read on a bottle of juice, "HPP" which stands for High Pressure Processing.  This method does not involve any heat, but sterilizes juice by applying a very high amount of pressure in order to extend shelf life up to ten times its natural life.  This pressure inactivates microorganisms and therefore removes the health benefits that the juice once offered.  We do NOT use HPP or any means of artificial preservation on our juices because it decreases the overall nutrition of the juice, and we want to provide a raw, nutrient-dense product to our community.  

We do NOT pasteurize our juices, either.  During pasteurization, juice is heated up to 150°C (302°F), essentially voiding the juice of all nutritional value.

Always 100% Organic

We always source our produce from USDA organic, GMO-free farms, and locally when we can.  If we are unable to find organic produce, we simply do not juice it.

Why?  A couple of reasons.  Organic produce has been found to have twice the enzyme activity as conventional produce.  The more enzymes, the better!  Also, during the juicing process, the fiber is separated from the juice.  Without fiber, the juice is absorbed straight into our blood stream, leaving no time for our bodies to fight off harmful chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.  Oh, and one more reason!  Organic farming is way better for the environment, and more sustainable than conventional farming.  It affects the soil's ability to retain nutrients and water, reduces the risk of groundwater pollution, welcomes pollinators (bees!) and creatures that prey on the pests (Mother Earth's "pesticides"), uses less fossil fuel, and is suspected to contribute to more carbon-rich soil, thus paying it forward to climate control.

Why Glass Bottles?

We try to be as eco-friendly as possible.  It is easier to throw away a plastic bottle rather than a glass one, which will end up in a land fill, an ocean, or somewhere else where it will be up to no good.  Our hope is that our guests will return their empty bottles on their return trips to Good Vibes Juice Co., to reduce our impact on this beautiful planet.  

Glass is also better for our health than plastic.  Many plastics have been suspected of leaching Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals, or EDCs (BPA, for example).  These chemicals have been linked to numerous health complications, so we avoid plastics as much as we can!

Calorie Count In Juices

At Good Vibes Juice Co., we believe that calorie counting in an antiquated system, and shows no indication of food's benefit to your health.  We believe that we should aim to eat as many raw, natural fruits and vegetables that we can, and that everything our bodies need can be found in nature, free of labeling.  With that being said, you can expect our 16-ounce juices to contain roughly 100 to 300 calories, depending on the type.  Our green juices will have the lowest caloric content.

Availability of Products

Not every plant grows naturally year-round, and since we only source organic, non-GMO produce, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  We do our best to source everything on our menu as frequently as we can, but sometimes, a certain ingredient simply isn't available.  But don't worry!  Your favorite menu items won't be gone long.

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